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Joseph W. Grad, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law

I am pleased that you are considering my firm to provide gaming law services on your behalf or on behalf of your business or organization. The gaming industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States, and is subject to a complex web of laws and regulations at both the state and federal level. There is virtually no aspect of the gaming industry that is not exposed to the scrutiny of the government, and the direct and collateral consequences of violating the gaming laws of any jurisdiction cannot be overstated. To participate in the gaming industry, you need expert and experienced counsel.

As one of the first lawyers hired by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, I had the opportunity to play a significant role in developing Pennsylvania into the 2nd largest gaming market in the United States. My experience as a gaming regulator is a tremendous asset in my representation of gaming clients as I not only have a thorough knowledge of the various gaming laws, but also an intimate understanding of the beliefs and motives of the individuals charged with enforcing them.

In my representation of clients, I am comfortable being the sole or lead attorney, working collaboratively with a legal team or providing background support in gaming law. Regardless of my role, my philosophy as an attorney is simple and remains constant: to provide exceptional, yet personalized, legal representation in a manner which adds significant value to the personal and business pursuits of my clients.

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